Bartlett Police Reports for May 29-June 4, 2017

Bartlett police badgeThe Bartlett Police Department (BPD) handled the following incidents from May 29 through June 4. This listing includes the most notable incidents for the reporting period and does not necessarily reflect all police activity.

Editor’s note: All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

May 29

Unspecified location (theft of a bicycle)

A woman reported May 29 that she bought a bicycle ($153) for herself on May 8 while at Walmart with a male friend she had met online. She put it in the back of his truck for him to bring to her home. He never showed up and has not responded to her phone calls.

May 30

Star Gaze Cove (theft)

At first, a man wasn’t too alarmed when some cash went missing from his home between May 3 and May 30, because his gift cards and handguns were still there. He assumed he might have misplaced the money. Then on May 30, he was preparing for workers to come to the house and decided to remove other valuables. That’s when he discovered the additional items were missing. He said painters were working in the house during the time the items were stolen.

Unspecified location (fraud)

A sweepstakes scammer tricked a woman out of $1,300.99, she reported on May 30. Someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House told her she had won $3.1 million but she needed to transfer some money to the company first. She sent $400.99 via MoneyGram. The scammer then told her she also won a new car but had to wire funds to receive it. She sent another $900 via MoneyGram before realizing she had been tricked.

Davies Plantation Road (theft from building)

Someone stole a wedding ring from a woman’s home, she reported on May 30. She believes an employee of a home cleaning crew stole it on March 14.

June 1

Hillman Way Drive (theft from motor vehicle)

An intruder tossed the contents of a man’s vehicle overnight on May 31, he reported the next day. He said he parked and locked his vehicle in the driveway around 11:30 p.m. but found the driver’s side door unlocked the next morning. The glove box and center console were also open, and their items were scattered around the interior. He said nothing seemed to be missing.

Brunswick Road (auto burglary)

A night-shift worker at Lakeside Behavioral Health System (2911 Brunswick Road) found her vehicle burglarized on June 1. She said she arrived at work at 10:45 p.m. May 31 and returned to her vehicle at 7:26 a.m. the next morning. Her vehicle’s glove box was open, and it looked as if someone had rifled through it. Several items were missing. She said she was in a hurry and may have forgotten to lock her vehicle when she arrived at work.

June 2

Altruria Road (residential burglary)

A man reported June 2 that his dirt bike disappeared from his attached garage overnight, but he found the garage shut with no signs of forced entry.

While officers were on the scene, a neighbor came by to say he’d seen two people pushing the bike near the intersection of Altruria Road and Country Bluff Drive around 6:30-6:40 p.m. the previous evening. The suspects were a white male and a black male.

The victim said he was at home and the garage door was open at that time.

Kate Bond Road (theft)

Someone stole the license plate from a woman’s vehicle while it was parked at Saint Francis Hospital in Bartlett (2986 Kate Bond Road). She said it happened between 2 p.m. June 1 and 7:50 a.m. June 2. Her vehicle was parked in the imaging parking lot (the south lot near U.S. 64).

Stage Road (vandalism)

A woman’s vehicle wasn’t safe in a church parking lot, she reported on June 2. Someone shattered the passenger-side rear window that morning while her vehicle was parked in the lot for Bartlett United Methodist Church (5676 Stage Road) between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Rabbit Chase Lane (auto burglary)

A would-be burglar damaged a man’s vehicle, the victim reported on June 2. The man said nothing was disturbed inside. The responding officer saw that the vehicle’s door handle was broken, and it appeared as though someone tried to enter by prying and/or forcing the door open. The damage happened between 10:30 p.m. June 1 and noon June 2.

Shadow Valley Cove (theft from motor vehicle)

A man reported June 2 that someone had stolen his wife’s handgun from her vehicle. He speculated that the theft happened while a local body shop worked on her vehicle on May 23. But he also said the black handgun could have been stolen at his home on several dates when she left her vehicle in the driveway overnight.

Perennial Gap Drive (burglary)

A man reported June 2 that someone stole his LiftMaster garage door opener from inside his minivan while it was parked in his attached garage. He said he noticed the theft when he went to the vehicle around 4:45 p.m. that day.

He found his other vehicle, also parked in the garage, with the driver’s side door ajar and interior lights on. He said the garage door had been left open.

June 3

Tylertown Avenue (theft)

A woman wasn’t immediately aware that her broken lawnmower had been stolen, she told police on June 3. She noticed on May 31 that it was no longer behind her garbage bin in her carport. She didn’t worry, because her mother had planned to pick it up and have it repaired. It was only after she talked to her mother that she realized the mower must have been stolen.

June 4

New Brunswick Road (unspecified charge)

A man reported a menacing encounter with an armed stranger on June 4. He was walking near UPS on New Brunswick Road when a black sedan with tinted windows pulled up beside him. Someone in the car asked him what property he had with him. At that point, the suspect pointed an unknown firearm at him. The victim ran away toward Walmart (8400 U.S. 64), where he met with the officer.