SBA to receive $123K tech grant

SBA logo1St. Benedict at Auburndale (SBA) High School in Memphis has received word that The Assisi Foundation of Memphis Inc. (The Foundation) has approved a grant award in the amount of $123,160.00 for the school’s “Enhancing the SBA Experience” project.

The grant will be used to equip 40 classrooms with mobile SmartBoards and stands. This provides the school the opportunity to have the most up-to-date technology for the classroom.

Upon receiving the grant, SBA Principal Sondra Morris said, “We are truly gratified by The Assisi Foundation’s generous grant to our school. Along with our STEM Lab, 1:1 Mac AirBook program, eBooks, Capstone AP program and so much more, this grant helps us continue to enhance the students’ educational experiences at SBA and beyond. We are extremely proud of our students’ accomplishments, much of which can be credited to our excellent educational facilities and programs. This year, alone, the 198-member Class of 2017 garnered over $17.4 million in merit-based college scholarships. The Assisi Foundation grant helps us continue to provide classroom enhancements for our students that will reap rewards for many years.”