Don’t fall for text scam about traffic violations

stop-phone-scamsA sneaky scam is now circulating via text messages, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. On Monday, the SCSO’s Facebook page reported that some people are getting alarming texts that say, “This is Shelby county law enforcement automated response. You have been caught by radar on the camera surveillance system. The fine is $250. Please respond with your address so we can mail the fine. Failure to respond will result in a warrant for arrest and impoundment of your vehicle.”

These texts are a scam. The SCSO does not use red light or speed cameras. They don’t need to use texts to obtain your address, because if they have your vehicle tag number and your phone number, they will also have your address.

The scam alert concluded, “Long story short, this is bogus, and we need your help sharing to limit the number of people who fall victim to these scammers.”