BREAKING: Court expunges record of former BPD officer in fatal 2014 crash

The criminal record of former Bartlett police officer Lucas Hines is now clear of his conviction in a deadly 2014 car crash.

A jury found him guilty on Aug. 19, 2016, of two misdemeanor counts of reckless driving for crashing into a car while speeding through a red light during a pursuit. He was initially charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, but the jury was allowed to consider lesser charges. He was sentenced on Sept. 23, 2016.

On March 29, he satisfied a court-ordered diversion program, and the court ordered that his criminal charges be dismissed with prejudice and the case be expunged from his criminal record.

A diversion program lets a criminal offender join a rehabilitation program, remedy his behavior and clear his record. “Dismissal with prejudice” means the court has made a final determination and the plaintiff can’t be brought back to court again on the same case.

The victims in the October 2014 were the other car’s driver, 63-year-old Danny Floyd, and his passenger, Michelle Sloyan, 49. Floyd was going about 25 mph when he failed to yield to oncoming traffic and turned in front of Hines at a traffic light (Stage Road and Bartlett Boulevard). A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper testified that Hines was going 77 mph in the 40 mph zone and was only able to slow to 71 mph by impact. The two victims didn’t wear seat belts, and they died after being ejected.

The THP investigation showed that Hines did not have his flashing blue lights on at the time of the crash. Hines received minor injuries, and the Bartlett Police Department placed him on leave. After his indictment in April 2015, the BPD suspended him without pay. Before the accident, Hines had been with the BPD for six years with only minor disciplinary actions in his file.

Aside from attorney fees and any bond fees, the case cost Hines $1,957.50 in court costs.

To read the available public details of the court proceedings in the case, search for Case Number 15 02129-15615067 at the Shelby County Criminal Justice System Portal. Using the system requires registration.

Written by Carolyn Bahm, Express editor. Contact her at (901) 433-9138, or