‘Possible tax sale’ scam alarms taxpayers

MEMPHIS — The Shelby County Trustee’s Office has received a number of complaints from concerned property owners who were sent solicitations from a company targeting them with unauthorized tax notices. Postcards were mailed to delinquent taxpayers seeking to purchase their properties for taxes owed.

“We have been getting an influx of calls from distraught taxpayers who think they are going to lose their homes,” said Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir. “Since information about what is owed on properties is public record, there are a number unscrupulous people who prey on unknowing taxpayers and try to purchase their properties from them.”

The company name is listed as Shelby County Tax Help on the postcard and the address traces back to a UPS Store location. If taxpayers receive a postcard from this organization, we urge them not to call the number. Contact the Trustee’s Office at 901.222.0200 or call local authorities.

While any property that is delinquent three years or more is eligible for a tax sale, the Trustee’s Office will always follow a legal process, and contact taxpayers directly in writing and by phone. If taxpayers are unsure about the status of their property, please contact our office at 901.222.0200 or visit www.shelbycountytrustee.com to view payment history.