Canadian singers to harmonize at BPACC Nov. 12

The Good Lovelies

The Good Lovelies

The Good Lovelies will bring their folk/country three-part harmony to the stage in Bartlett this weekend, Nov. 12.

The Toronto-based trio are Juno winners and four-time winners of the Canadian Folk Music Awards, and they will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center.

With the release of their newest album, “Burn the Plan,” these artists have fine-tuned and honed their skills as vocalists and have pushed the limits of standard genre and tradition in their music category. As their website describes the album, “‘Burn The Plan’ is a study in how individual voices find common ground in such a tight-knit group dynamic. What keeps the three Lovelies making music together is not just their uncanny vocal compatibility; it’s their unshakeable friendships, which supports each member contributing to the songwriting in distinct ways.”

They also each have musical talents beyond their vocals.

Caroline Brooks has been playing the guitar since she was six years old. When the band formed, she taught herself how to play mandolin and banjo and is now delving deeper into the world of the electric guitar and pedal boards.

Kerri Ough has been playing the piano since she was six years old as well. When the band formed, she taught herself to play the banjo and electric bass. She is now also bringing an omnichord on stage with her.

Sue Passmore took piano lessons as a child and picked up the guitar when she was in university. When the Good Lovelies started, she taught herself how to play bass, percussion and mandolin.

This is their full-time work, doing what they love: Touring, recording, writing, practising music, and running the Good Lovelies.

Tickets for this performance are available by calling the Box Office at (901) 385-6440 or stopping by the venue during business hours, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday. Tickets may also be purchased online at A full listing of the entire 2016-2017 BPACC season can also be found on the website.

See the performers’ website at for more information on their music.