Arlington crime spree targets businesses and 1 home

SCSO-patchArlington was ground zero for a brief crime spree last weekend with two store burglaries, an armed robbery and a home break-in. All happened on or near U.S. 70.

Earl Farrell, public information officer for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, said it began around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27, at Fred’s Pharmacy (11888 &.S. 70), where burglars used tools to hack their way into the metal building. They crawled through on their hands and knees to avoid the laser security system. Then they located the safe and used a torch to heat and bend it enough to open its door and access the medications inside.

They set off the store alarms when they stood up, and they spilled pills all the way out into the parking lot as they fled, Farrell said. They still managed to steal an estimated $10,000 in various pills.

Later during the day when no one was at home, a burglar broke into a Griffin Road home off U.S. 70 on Thursday and took guns, a TV and tools.

Around 6 p.m. on Thursday, at the Quick Mart across from Fred’s, burglars pried the steel door off the business and tried to abscond with the safe. Farrell said it must have been too heavy for them because they left it in the middle of the office. Instead, they left with about 21 cartons of cigarettes and Swisher Sweets and a small amount of money from the cash drawer.

An armed robbery at the Dollar General also netted only about $100 for a white male in a hoodie over the weekend, Farrell said.

When asked whether the crimes might be related, Farrell noted that it’s not typical for criminals to vary their types of tools and crimes. He said, “Generally, burglars burgle, armed robbers rob, and people who use torches, torch.”

But he said it’s possible, and the close proximity of the crimes is making law enforcement officials consider the possibilities. Farrell said there are already some suspects, and the SCSO is working with area agencies about similar incidents happening in the area.

Written by Carolyn Bahm, Express editor. Contact her at (901) 433-9138 or via email to