Letters to the Editor for Oct. 13, 2016

Support legislation to limit out-of-pocket medication costs

Letters to the Editor

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I am the father of a 13-year-old child with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and we live in Atoka, Tenn. Alison was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis in every joint in her body at the age of 5. For all people with arthritis and in particular my child who has JA, access to innovative medications, such as biologics, can be the difference between her being in a wheelchair or walking to school. I am asking you to pledge your support for people with arthritis by committing to support legislation that will limit out-of-pocket costs for medications.

Arthritis impacts more than 300,000 children nationwide. Alison’s life changed when she was able to get excellent medical care and medication that helps her lead a normal life. Without her medication, she needed help dressing herself, tying her shoes, brushing her teeth, and fastening her seatbelt. She did not play outside with her sisters because her joints hurt. She cried and complained of pain every day. Because of her medications and excellent medical care, Alison now leads a normal life. She attends Brighton Middle School, rides her horse on the drill team at Old West Special Trails, volunteers with Trailblazers to help those with special needs experience equine therapy, and loves to play outside with her sisters and her dog. Biologics, although very expensive, changed her life. Please support legislation that will limit out-of-pocket costs for these important life-changing medications.

Keith Moschitta

Policeman’s son makes case for respect, appreciation

The police should be respected! There are so many reasons why you should respect the police. I am personally respectful to the police. My father is a police officer for Collierville police reserves. The police are amazing people, and I don’t see why people disrespect these people.

It makes me angry when I see on the news that there another shooting involving a police death. Also, it makes me think about my dad. What if he were to be killed on the line of duty? The person who did it would have left 12-year-old and 16-year-old kids without a father, a wife without a husband, a mother and father without a son, and a sister without a brother.

The police do all sorts of great thing for the people. It just amazes me about how much disrespect there is for them. For example, the police help you with disturbance, home invasion, and wild animals if that happens. A police officer is a normal person with a badge, uniform, and what ever is on there.

I will admit that some times that there is a mistake. I know people have said that all white cops or all cops in general are racist. Cops are not racist. In fact if you are calling all white cops racist then you are pretty much racist because what about the other cops, and not all white people are racist.

I know that people have also heard that that person had a gun. Cops are not given guns just to go around killing people. Cops are given guns so that they can protect themselves.

I look up to the police as a hero. When I grow up around the age of 21, then I will apply to be a police officer. As I look at the TV every night I see that a cop has been killed, and it makes me sad that some person has taken a person’s life away from them. And it makes me mad to know that. If only people obeyed the law and obligations as a U.S. citizen should, then there wouldn’t be any problems about this. But there isn’t and that makes me wonder what it would be like if there wasn’t.

Thomas Patton