Part 8: Former Bolton teacher succumbs to brain cancer

Editor’s note: This is the final installment in the “Learning to Live Again” series about the former Bolton High School yearbook sponsor and Millington resident diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in April 2013.

Dianne Young’s story

The Bartlett Express and Dianne Young’s supporters have followed her progress since her diagnosis.

Former Bolton teacher Dianne Young fought inoperable brain cancer for three and one-half years, and it wasn’t until last month that her cancer recurred.

On Tuesday morning, she came to the end of her own long and winding road.

Her husband, Robert, wrote on her blog Tuesday morning, “I truly regret to inform you that Dianne has completed her earthly duties for her Lord and Savior and now exists among the heavens. Services are pending but I will share them when available.”

He added, “I thank you all and look forward to seeing many of you at the service.”

Services have since been announced for Thursday, Sept. 29. They will be held at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett. The celebration/visitation/contemplation will be 5-7 p.m., and an announcement on her healthcare blog notes that all of her friends, peers, students and relatives are welcomed.

Her cancer recurrence this fall came after a jubilant celebration last year. She was judged cancer-free in April 2015. Then in late August 2016, her family announced on her healthcare blog that she had another cancerous growth on her brain. Her left arm and leg were numb and unusable. Her voice was barely audible.

While she was in the hospital, Robert wrote in her blog on Sept. 19, “ER doc mentioned she might not make it out but miracles happen all the time, right? You bet they do. We are both secure with God’s plan and accept what he has for us.”

The next day, he wrote, “Her vision has diminished some but her pain has abated. She enjoys having her hand held or arm stroked. She also wants less pain med as she wants to enjoy every second of every visitor.”

A later post added, “Although rough now, it’ll still be rough later, when it’s just boys & I. … Thanks again for everyone’s help/support.”

The family’s freezer and fridge have remained stuffed to the gills with gifts from friends, family, co-workers and other loved ones, he said, expressing his appreciation.

On Sept. 21, she and he marked 21 and one-half years of marriage, and Robert was happy she was resting painlessly.

The next day, she was moved to Room 4 in Methodist Alliance Hospice at 6416 Quince Road, Memphis.

She was visited by her beloved dog, Jester, received her Boy Scouts Wood Badge, and enjoyed visits from friends and family during her better moments. She recognized one day that she was surrounded by love and said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

On Saturday, however, her blood pressure went up, and on Sunday, the family asked for no visitors but said they welcomed everyone’s prayers.

Family updates and a recounting of her journey through cancer and beyond can be read on her blog at

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