Lifeblood issues emergency appeal for donations of all blood types

Lifeblood-logo-TRIMMEDMEMPHIS, Tenn. — Plummeting blood donations since the Memorial Day holiday forced Lifeblood on June 23 to issue an emergency appeal for all blood types, especially all Rh negative types: A-negative, B-negative, AB-negative and O-negative. As the community blood provider for this area and stewards of the community blood supply, maintaining an adequate supply of all blood types is imperative.

Reserves of blood are depleted to a less than one-day supply on the shelves. Because it takes 24 to 36 hours to test and process each donation before it can be released for a patient, blood is being transfused as fast as Lifeblood can provide it to hospitals. Donors of all types are urgently needed to give blood now. To schedule a blood donation online, go to or call Lifeblood at (901) 529-6320.

“Unfortunately, due to high patient usage and fewer donations from the public, we find it necessary to alert the public about the dire need for all blood types, especially the Rh negative types” said Danny Garrick, Executive Director of Lifeblood. “If you are eligible to donate, please give now!”

Donors with Rh negative blood types are asked to inquire with a Lifeblood staff member about doubling their impact by donating double red cells.

Appointments are highly recommended. Knowing how many to expect means we are better able to serve our donors.

Bartlett has a donation center at 7505 U.S. 64, Suite 109; call (901) 271-1220. Another location is in Midtown at 1045 Madison Ave., Memphis; call (901) 399-8120. Germantown has a donor center at 2095 Exeter, No. 75; call (901) 271-1240. A center in East Memphis is at 4702 Spotswood Ave., Memphis; call (901) 271-1230.