‘Park Smart’ to avoid thefts

Stock photo.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has a Park Smart Safety Tips program to educate Mid-South residents on how to prevent thefts from their vehicles.

If you find a small yellow card tucked under your windshield wiper, you’ve gotten a head’s up about your unsafe property practices.

Drivers who carelessly leave a purse on a passenger seat, a wallet on top of the center console, or a laptop, GPS or camera in plain sight on the floorboard are just asking for trouble. Also leaving the vehicle unlocked or windows open just compounds the temptation for thieves.

Their Park Smart advice is:

  • When you get ready to park your car, scan the area for anyone or anything suspicious.
  • Park as close to your destination as possible.
  • Always lock your vehicle, both when you’re driving and once you’ve parked. Make this a habit.
  • Don’t leave valuables (GPS, cell phone, wallets, cash, etc.) in the vehicle in plain sight, unless they are secured in the trunk. If you secure your belongings in the trunk, make sure no one is watching you store them there. Many trunks can be accessed by pushing a release button inside the car, and a thief will break into your car in order to access the trunk area if it is worth his effort.
  • Remember to remove GPS mount when stowing your GPS.
  • Sound your anti-theft device in order to easily locate your vehicle and possibly scare any unwanted individuals that may be lurking around.
  • At night, park in a well-traveled and well-lighted area.

More information

For a complete list of the SCSO’s crime prevention programs, visit shelby-sheriff.org. For more information from the Crime Prevention Bureau, call (901) 222-5843.