Dozens of local athletes participate in All-Star game

USA Baseball Stadium in Millington hosted the fifth annual AutoZone Shelby County All-Star Baseball Game on Tuesday.

“This is a great way for these graduating players to be recognized for their success on the baseball field,” said Johnny Ray of USA Stadium. “They will compete against the best players in the county, and what better way than to have the Public versus Private format.”

Several local players participated in the annual All-Star game.

The rosters were made up of 2016 graduating seniors from Shelby County Schools. The teams are divided between Public School and Private Schools.

Each roster is developed through a process which requires their schools head coach nominating them, then being selected by the All Star teams coaching staff.

Coaches for the Private School team were Craig Hopkins (Briarcrest Christian School), John Jarnigan (Memphis University School) and Al Stevens (Harding Academy). Coaches for the Public School team were Scotty Yount (Bolton High School) and Chris Ring (Arlington High School).

Retired coach, Jeff Hopkins (Collierville High School) served as an honorary coach for the Public School team and threw out the ‘First Pitch’ prior to the game.

Local Public School Participants:
• Ian Bibiloni (Arlington third baseman)
• Dacoda Stone (Germantown outfielder)
• Luke Stevens (Bolton infielder)
• Larkey Dotson (Bolton pitcher)
• Phillip Bay (Bartlett first baseman)
• Cullen Ray (Houston catcher)
• Ayrton Schafer (Houston outfielder)

Hayden Edwards

• Hayden Edwards (Arlington pitcher)
• Nic Blankenship (Houston pitcher)
• Cooper Bullough (Houston first baseman)
• Brelin Carroll (Arlington infielder)
• Myles Montgomery (Germantown pitcher)

Jacob Nobles
Jacob Nobles

• Jacob Nobles (Bartlett infielder)
• Justin Fowlkes (Collierville pitcher)
• Josh Smith (Bartlett pitcher)
• Adam Sanderlin (Collierville first baseman)

Local Private School Participants:
• Peyton Smith (St. George’s pitcher)
• Sam Cox (St. Benedict catcher)
• Parker Jordan (Briarcrest first baseman)
• Benton Garrison (ECS pitcher)
• Drake Conine (St. Benedict outfielder)
• Tyler Mills (FACS outfielder)
• Will Buser (MUS infielder)
• Jake Criswell (Harding outfielder)
• Jake Sutton (Harding outfielder)