Crime roundup for May 19, 2016

  • Memphis crime rates continue to alarm citizens. The city saw its 85th homicide of 2016 last weekend. That’s nearly three dozen more than this period last year.
  • Memphis Police have publicly confirmed that an 11-year-old female student at Kate Bond Elementary reported being touched inappropriately by a male employee. In a prepared statement, the Shelby County Schools District noted, “Student safety is our top concern and all reports of this nature are taken very seriously. The matter was immediately turned over to the proper authorities, and the employee in question has been removed from the school pending the outcome of an investigation.”
  • Rachel Trevor, 28, is a Delta flight attendant in Memphis was indicted on May 13 for allegedly stealing nearly 1,500 mini bottles of liquor and reselling online. They usually sell for $8 on the planes. She was arrested in November and now faces charges of theft of property over $10,000, unlawful sale of alcohol, unauthorized transportation of alcohol and unauthorized storage of liquor for sale.