Letter to the Editor: We need to expand de-annexation bill

Letter to the editorDeannexation HB bill 779 passed 68 to 25, giving residents in Gestapo-like annexations the right to vote to stay in the municipality or be deannexed.

Unfortunately it only pertains to Tennessee’s largest municipalities and does not address the smaller cities such as Bartlett that used the same tactics as these larger cities in tramping over the rights of its citizenry in not notifying and not giving these citizens the right to vote on their own future.

They have taken tax money and have not and do not intend to provide any services that were not available prior to these unethical and dishonest annexations.

This fight is not finished and overall is a big victory for deannexation proponents.

Forwarded to all those concerned with the trampling of citizens’ rights by power and money hungry so called “public servants.”

— Murphy Farley,
Bartlett resident

(Editor’s note: Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald has disputed allegations of inadequate annexation notice and assertions that the city doesn’t intend to extend services.) Click here for The Bartlett Express’ policy on letters to the editor.