Bartlett specifies diploma types for graduates

College graduateThe Bartlett school board updated its graduation requirements to include information on multiple diploma types, among other updates, at the March 17 meeting.

Other items passed included routine matters such as local adoption of textbooks as required by the state and renewal of the application to have an etymology special class again next school year.


The meeting was the second reading of the edits to graduation requirements. Edits included minor wording changes, the addition of a reference to occupational diplomas and a paragraph about types of diplomas and the attendance certificate.
Diploma types granted will include the:

  • Regular diploma
  • Diploma with honors
  • Special education diploma
  • Occupational diploma

Special education students who satisfactorily complete their Individual Educational Program (IEP) and graduate requirements will receive a regular diploma.

A special education diploma will go to students who complete the IEP but who have not met the proficiency testing requirements.

An occupational diploma will be awarded to students who satisfactorily complete an IEP and the assessment for the occupational diploma — the Skills, Knowledge and Experience Mastery Assessment (SKEMA).

Among the language added to graduation requirements was the statement, “The Board authorizes the awarding of high school diplomas or attendance certificates to those students recommended by school staff, the principal, and approved by the Superintendent as having met the requirements for graduation established by the Board and the Tennessee State Board of Education.”