Bartlett author Melody Klink debuts novel in young adult genre



The stakes are high in Bartlett author Melody Klink’s debut young adult novel: A mythological behemoth is on the loose, and the whole universe needs saving. Godeater: The Second World is a fresh twist on old world fables, mixing modern-day life with magic and myth.

When the sun and stars disappear from the skies over North Dakota, an ancient prophecy comes to pass; the Godeater, a creature capable of destroying immortal life, has broken his chains. Who can stop him?

The heroes of the old world are all gone — or perhaps, some of them are alive and well … and stuck in human form.

Following the adventures of three unlikely comrades, the novel also explores grief, friendship, and family issues in turns.

Godeater: The Second World makes even the most colossal of the old myths — Zeus, Odin, and the like — into frail, desperate beings that are fighting for their very survival,” Klink said. “No one is safe, and life will never be the same.”

As it turns out, being human is harder than they thought.

Klink wrote this novel while juggling college graduation and raising her first child. In addition to Godeater: The Second World, Melody has also written a picture book, Bad Mood Boogaloo, intended for infants and toddlers.

Both titles are available through, and Godeater: The Second World will be available through all national bookstores in upcoming weeks. She keeps a writing blog at

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