Angry father threatens Shelby detective at home

Jonathan Todd

An outraged Arlington father tracked down the home address of an undercover narcotics officer for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department Saturday to vent his wrath. He reportedly screamed and beat on the door as neighbors peeked out.

The man, Jonathan Todd, has since been arrested and charged with threats for purpose of retaliation for past action.

Deputies said the intimidation happened after officers investigated a Bartlett drug complaint involving Todd’s son, 11. The father was not home when officers made a follow-up visit to the Todd home, but the mother let them speak with the boy. There was no arrest, and officers left after the interview.

Todd, however, was furious. He tracked down the detective’s home address and rang the doorbell until the detective came to the door. With fists clenched, Todd began yelling, saying his son was innocent and traumatized by the home visit, so Todd was returning the favor.

He threatened to sue the victim and his family and take all their assets. The detective closed the door at that point, and Todd fled in a white Ford F-150.

Chip Washington, SCSO public information officer, said such personal confrontations are not common but they do happen. “Given the times in which we live, we’ve seen episodes like this where law enforcement has been targeted. It is dangerous out there.”