Students score victory with 26,000 books read


Congratulations to the big winners of this summer’s reading competition at the Bartlett library. City schools competed to see whose students could read the most books, with Bon Lin Elementary squeaking out a victory over Bartlett Elementary.

Collectively, district students read more than 26,000 books this summer and earned school donations.

The event was sponsored by the Friends of the Bartlett Public Library. See the graph at right for details on how many books were read.

Amounts awarded included:

  • Bon Lin Elementary, $669
  • Bartlett Elementary, $665
  • Altruria Elementary, $594
  • Rivercrest Elementary, $404
  • Oak Elementary, $374
  • Ellendale Elementary, $295
  • Appling Middle, $611
  • Bartlett 9th Grade Academy, $514
  • Elmore Park Middle, $496
  • Bon Lin Middle, $379