Area school districts see high enrollment

Aug. 10, 2015, started off the school year with a gray and rainy Monday, but local school districts were prepared.
Photo by Amanda Swain.
Bartlett 9th Grade Academy, photo of big "B" painted on floor.
The gleaming big bold “B” decorating a floor at Bartlett 9th Grade Academy is ready for a new year of student trampling. Photo by Amanda Swain.

The data is still fluctuating during this first week of school, but school districts in Bartlett, Arlington and Lakeland already are seeing brisk enrollment numbers, kicking off their second year.


Bartlett, the largest of the three districts with 11 schools, had a district-wide enrollment of 8,162 students, or 95 percent of capacity, as of Monday afternoon. More information is not yet available.


Arlington Community Schools operates four campuses and was able to provide more detailed information, current through Monday:

  • Arlington Elementary had 934 students enrolled (912 projected). The staffing ratio of teachers to students is 1:19.67 for grades K-3 and 1:24.5 for grades 4-5. The school has 45 teachers, including two added last week after registration.
  • Donelson Elementary had 693 enrolled (705 projected). The staffing ratio was 1:19.48 for grades K-3 and 1:24.5 for grades 4-5. The school has 33 teachers.
  • Arlington Middle’s numbers are current through Tuesday, showing 1,243 students registered (1,275 projected). The staffing ratio is 1:25.9 for grades 6-8. The school has 47 teachers, and the district is considering adding one more.
  • Arlington High had 1,983 registered (1,959 projected). The staffing ratio is 1:23.19 for grades 9-12, except for CTE and special education students. The school has 96 teachers, including CTE, music, art and physical education.


The Lakeland School System has one facility, Lakeland Elementary School (LES). Middle and high school students currently attend Bartlett and Arlington schools through interlocal agreements

As of Friday, LES had 843 enrolled for grades K-5, compared to 863 projected. This puts enrollment at 86.3 percent of the school’s 1,000-student capacity. The school’s K-3 average staffing ratio is 1:19.7, and its average staffing ratio for grades 4-5 is 1:24.

Written by Carolyn Bahm, Express editor. Contact her at (901) 433-9138 or via email to