Lakeland-Arlington school agreement: No talks until current one terminated

Arlington-logo-revisedLSS logoAt multiple Lakeland city and school board meetings, citizens who resist the $20 million funding of the proposed middle school have asked that leaders of Lakeland and Arlington’s school districts hammer out the details of a longer-term interlocal agreement.

Such an agreement would have Arlington continuing to educate Lakeland’s high school students for the foreseeable future, perhaps up to 15 years as both superintendents have mentioned.

However, on Monday, Arlington’s superintendent, Tammy Mason, said there is currently nothing in the works to extend or develop a new interlocal with Lakeland.

“We will continue to work under our current agreement and will only begin discussions of new agreement at such time Lakeland has given official notification to our school board to exercise the termination clause included in our current interlocal agreement,” Mason said.

Lakeland’s superintendent Ted Horrell also said that his district’s efforts are currently focused on finalizing the land purchase for the middle school at this time.