Father and son look back over 10 years of automotive shop

Christian-Bros-Automotive-LOGOWhile a local automotive business approaches a milestone anniversary, it’s been the relationship between the father and son duo that helped it grow.

Christian Brother’s Automotive will celebrate its 10th anniversary at its Bartlett location in October. Scott Few, the shop’s owner, has been with CBA all 10 years and doesn’t see himself quitting the business anytime soon.

His son, Chris, has been with the business for seven years now and is the service manager at CBA. He started part time while at the University of Memphis as a way to help pay for school. He quickly realized he was good with cars and decided to stay in the family business after graduation.

Chris worked his way up the ranks to service manager, feeling he was never given an unfair advantage by his father. Quite the contrary, he said his father was “harder on me or expected more of me than other people.”

Both said they enjoy working with the other and that there’s very rarely any tension between the two.

“I know that I have somebody who shares my thoughts on how I want to see the business run and how I want to see customers treated,” Scott said. “And that is primary for me. So even if I’m not here, we’re still operating and running the way I want to see it done.”

He continued, “It’s certainly enjoyable. It makes it pretty fun, actually.”

As for 10th anniversary celebrations, Scott hasn’t made plans yet. But he’ll be considering options as the date creeps closer.

Instead, Scott puts his mind to work thinking about how CBA can continue to improve in the future.

“America, we love cars. It’s not going to change,” he said. “We’re so spread out — it’s not going to be a European model. … We’re going to keep driving, they are going to keep breaking. … It all breaks at some point, and somebody’s going to have to fix it.”

For more information, visit CBA’s website, http://www.cbac.com/store/bartlett-tn or call (901) 457-4156.