Part 2: Swindles, assaults, thefts fill Arlington’s June crime report

Arlington crime report, June 2015, bar chart
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The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) handled the following incidents in Arlington during the last two weeks of June. See last week’s article for the incidents in the first half of June, as well as a map, multiple tables and a pie chart representing incidents for the entire month of June.

Editor’s note: All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed SCSO reports.

June 17

Longleaf Oak Trail (larceny)

Someone obtained an Arlington woman’s bank routing number and account number and began producing checks in her name.

Checks totaling $114.32 were completed in Forrest Park, Ga., between June 11 and June 17. A suspect has been identified in this case.

June 20

Walker Street/Greenlee Road (simple assault)

Two young teenage girls reported being harassed by an 18-year-old male on June 20.

The girls and a male friend were walking near Walker Street and Greenlee Road when the suspect approached and began to flirt with one them.

The girl tried to refuse his advances, so the young man used explicit language. She challenged him to repeat what he said, so he got directly in front of her and repeated it.

She said she then pushed him away out of fear, but he moved closer and pushed her back.

When she pushed him a second time, he punched her in the right shoulder and told her he would kill her.

Another boy who was with the girls corroborated their story.

An officer picked up the suspect, told him to leave the girl alone and then released him.

June 22

Ewing Boulevard (false pretenses/swindle/ confidence game)

Suspects pretending to be IRS representatives conned an Arlington man from March through June 22.

At first, the man assumed they were scammers and ignored their calls. Then on June 22, he got a message stating, “This is a representative from the IRS and this call is urgent. Call us back immediately.”

When he did, he also provided his name and last four digits of his Social Security Number as requested. The person he called then told him to listen to a message.

At that point, the man realized it really was a scam and hung up the phone.

Commander Drive (burglary from a business)

Police responded to an alarm at Marrs Retail Store late on June 22.

A window was broken in the back, so officers secured the window and the rest of the building. They believe two suspects were involved.

June 27

Preserve Woods Lane (other theft)

Someone stole a lawnmower from a lawn-care service on June 27.

A worker for Martin Lawn Care said he left an Exmark lawnmower ($1,300) in an alley behind the residence where he was working and went to his truck. When he returned, the lawnmower was gone.

Neighbors in the area reported suspicious activity, but had no leads that identified a suspect.

Hidden Meadows Drive (theft from building)

A man reported that a house painter stole several valuable items from his home between May 20 and June 27.

Items stolen included a Ruger handgun, a Kindle tablet, and cash.

The suspect then allegedly gave the Kindle to his girlfriend. The serial number on the tablet at the girlfriend’s home matched the serial number of the stolen device.

Windsor Oak Drive (simple assault/domestic violence)

A married but separated couple got into a heated argument June 27. The husband reportedly had a few drinks and then visited the wife at her house. The two argued about whether the man should or should not have a key to her house.

The argument escalated to the point when the wife sprayed her husband with water from the sink. The husband, according to the wife, then grabbed her by the neck and thrust her head in between her legs, so she called 911.

The man denies that there was any physical altercation.

June 28

Hidden Trail (simple assault/domestic violence)

Things turned sour when an irate man reportedly got aggressive with his girlfriend early on the morning of June 28. All but one involved in the incident were intoxicated.

The victim was lying in bed when her boyfriend yelled in her face. She said she pushed his chest, and he beat her unconscious. She had no idea how long she was unconscious.

The man then left the house and began yelling at a neighbor, telling that he had hit his own girlfriend.

The neighbor’s girlfriend, who was the only sober person at the scene, threatened to call the police, so the irate man hopped the fence back onto his property.

He told officers there had been no physical fight, but he admitted they argued before going to sleep. He said he went outside to talk to the neighbor because the neighbor had texted him.

The boyfriend said he did n’t know why his girlfriend’s face was bloody, bruised and abraded. Officers decided he was the primary aggressor. The girlfriend refused medical attention.

June 29

Summer Wind Lane (false pretenses/swindle/ confidence game)

A man pretending to be with the U.S. Department of Treasury harassed a couple with multiple phone calls on June 29, trying to swindle them out of their money.

The con man told the couple they owed $3,842 in back taxes and said an arrest warrant would be issued for the man if he didn’t pay the fee by the end of the day. The husband told the caller to stop bothering them.

The responding officer wasn’t successful in calling the swindler back, and he advised the couple to contact their phone service provider if the calls continued.

The couple did not give the caller any funds.