Bartlett Touchdown Club to raise videoboard funds

scoreboard-rendering-wThe Bartlett Touchdown Club announced last week that it will raise money for a new video screen and scoreboard for Bartlett High School sports.

The new scoreboard will feature a 15-by-9-foot video screen and is expected to cost between $115,000 and $150,000.

Club president Alan MacFerran said that the board will generate $50,000 to $100,000 in advertising revenue when the screen is installed for the 2016/17 season.

The choice of a video screen was strategic because of the revenue potential.

Uncertain plans

MacFerran said that he is unsure what Bartlett City Schools are going to do regarding the football field.

Because enrollment increased after Bartlett City Schools created its own district, there has been talk that Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy may be moved onto the high school campus, he said. If that were to happen, the school would need to grow.

If the Academy remains on its current campus, the stadium behind the school could likely go in favor of classrooms. The videoboard made sense, as it could be moved if needed.

“We have no idea where our facilities are going to be located,” he said. “They could remain right where they are now, they could move to the other side of campus, they could be on another property. We just don’t know.”


The Touchdown Club is hosting a golf tournament July 25 that will include every past coach of the Panthers who is still living, as well as Shelby County mayor Mark Lutrell. The tournament is a four-person scramble, and the entry fee for teams is $400. Each hole may also have a sponsor for $100.

helmet-bank-wThere is also a “Sign the Helmet” campaign that MacFerran initiated. During events, he will hold the helmet, and those who wish to donate can add $5 and sign the helmet.

The helmet also might be left at local businesses where customers will be encouraged to donate and take pictures, which the booster club can publish on its Facebook page.

The Touchdown Club has also been granted permission to sell concessions at the 2015-16 football games.

Supporters are encouraged to email for more information.