Part 1: Arlington has June thefts, stolen medication, fights

Arlington June 2015 crime report map
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The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) reported handling the following incidents in Arlington during the first half of June. See the remainder of June’s incidents in the July 16 issue. (Note: The maps, tables and graphs that accompany this list represent the entire month, not just July 1-16.)

Editor’s note: All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed SCSO reports.

Arlington crime report, June 2015, bar chart
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Arlington crime report, June 2015, pie charts
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June 2

Milton Wilson Drive (other larceny/commercial construction)

A washing machine and dryer were stolen from a construction site on June 2. A General Electric washing machine and dryer were taken from a unit under construction at Hall Creek Apartments. At the time of the report, there was no suspect information.

June 3

U.S. 70 (theft of vehicle parts/accessories)
Arlington crime report, June 2015, table 2 of 3
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Sixteen different vehicles had their radios stolen from a Tennessee state trooper impound lot on U.S. 70. A woman working there noticed a car radio on top of one of the vehicles on June 3 and found 15 other radios were missing.

Radios were missing from a Dodge Ram 1500, Lincoln Town Car, GMC pickup, Chevrolet Impala, Ford F150, Ford Explorer, Mercury Marquis, Infiniti G35, Honda Civic, Oldsmobile, Dodge Dakota, Chevrolet Cobalt, Jeep Laredo, General Motors Sonoma, Pontiac Grand Am, and another Ford Explorer.

Gulf Stream Road (theft from a motor vehicle)

Several personal items were stolen from a man’s unlocked vehicle on June 3. The items — Norco prescription drugs, his drivers license, some money, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses — were taken from his Toyota Corona.

Cunningham Street (simple assault/domestic violence)

A woman became irate with a man as he tried to put his son to bed the night of June 3. The man said he got home and was about to get his son out of the car when a female acquaintance grabbed him by the throat and threw him in the yard.
The woman then yelled at the man’s sister while the man went inside and put the boy to bed.

Later, she reportedly began to yell and curse and eventually slapped his face. She left the scene before an officer arrived. He reported suspicions that she had been drinking.

Arlington crime report, June 2015, table 1 of 3
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June 4

Gold Springs Lane (theft from motor vehicle)

Expensive medications and personal items were stolen from a woman’s unlocked SUV on June 4.

She works for a pharmaceutical company and was carrying Lumigan glaucoma medication, two Lastacaft glaucoma medications, and two Refresh artificial tears, ($41,608) all of which were stolen from the backseat of her company-provided Chevrolet Equinox.

Her personal possessions stolen from the front seat included a TomTom GPS system, Apple iPod, tote bag, and various children’s clothes ($410).

June 7

Carston Cove (residential burglary)

Someone stole a lawnmower from a Carston Cove resident’s garage between 4:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. June 7. A suspect likely went into the victim’s Jeep Patriot and used the garage door opener in it to make off with the equipment. It was a gray/tan Honda 3-speed mulching lawnmower ($400).

June 8

Airline Road (theft from a motor vehicle)
Arlington crime report, June 2015, table 3 of 3
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A woman had her wallet taken from inside her purse June 5 while picking up her kids from the Learning Tree Daycare (5740 Airline Road). She didn’t notice her wallet was missing until June 8, when she checked her credit card account and saw more than $2,000 of unauthorized charges.

She suspects that the thief got her wallet when she left her car unlocked to get her children from the daycare.

Summer Meadows Lane (simple assault/ domestic violence)

A Memphis Police Officer was suspected of hitting her son on June 8. A witness saw the strike, and the son corroborated the story. He said he and his stepfather were disagreeing, so he left home for a friend’s house, notifying his mother. She came home and began yelling at the female complainant.

The son got between the two, and his mother reportedly punched him in the face.

The mother denies ever leaving her driveway or making contact with her son, but she admitted to yelling. The responding officer noted she may have been drinking. No arrests were made due to conflicting stories.

June 12

Cunningham Street (theft from building)

A Cunningham Street woman named a suspect and said he took approximately 60 hydrocodone tablets from her house between June 10 and 12.

Airline Road (embezzlement)

A Taco Bell had two paychecks that did not make it to the correct individual between June 2 and 12.

Checks were distributed June 2, but when an employee inquired on June 10, she found that someone had forged her signature and cashed the check ($69.42). The manager called the corporate office and found that another check ($27.65) had also gone missing.

June 15

Milton Wilson Drive (vandalism/felony)

Two white men are suspected of flattening tires on a pickup truck between June 12 and 15.

Workers at West Tennessee Development Center for Disabilities and Mental Health (11437 Milton Wilson Drive) reported finding holes in both front tires and the rear passenger tire their Ford F350.

The complainant said he saw a silver Volvo at the scene and provided its license plate number to the responding officer.

June 16

Milton Ridge Cove (theft from building)

A woman reported jewelry missing after a move into her residence on Milton Ridge Cove on May 28. She said seven black males employed by Cord Moving and Storage were in the home.

Items missing include a ring, two wedding bands, and a class ring from her jewelry box.

U.S. 70 (intimidation)

A Kroger manager called the sheriff’s office June 16 after a man began cursing and making a scene in the store (11635 U.S. 70).

The man, riding in a wheelchair, entered the store without a shirt and was playing loud music. The manager asked him to put his shirt on and turn down his music, and then the man began cursing and causing a scene.

The suspect left before officers arrived. The manager said he may have heard the suspect threaten to kill him before he left. The suspect said he left when asked.

June 17

Longleaf Oak Trail (simple assault/domestic violence)

A married couple got into a heated argument June 17 on Longleaf Oak Trail, but no physical harm was done.

The two had been drinking heavily earlier. The woman threw their nephew’s belongings out of the house and threatened to kick him out. The man came to his nephew’s defense, becoming so angry that he punched a door and a cabinet inside.

According to a witness, the two got in each other’s faces but never hit one another.

Memphis Arlington Road (theft from building)

After a breakup, a woman reported her ex on June 17 for stealing prescription drugs from her house.

She said he took 16 tablets of Adderall ($100) on June 10 when they were still together. Later, he texted an admission he stole and sold the drugs, she said, and he has continued to harass her night and day with texts.

She said she wants to prosecute and also try to get a restraining order.


Arlington crime report, June 2015, trend chart 1 of 2
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Arlington crime report, June 2015, trend chart 2 of 2
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