Galilee’s plot owners asked to speak up

Photo by Tyrone Randall.
Photo by Tyrone Randall.

People who bought space at Galilee Memorial Gardens in Bartlett before its scandals became public may get a glimmer of hope from the latest news.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) is urging people with claims on vacant burial plots at Galilee to contact the department’s Special Deputy Receiver to help preserve their burial rights.

Where to call

Families with claims on vacant grave space should call (615) 370-0051 and add their names to a list of being compiled by TDCI’s Special Deputy Receiver.

After calling the Special Deputy Receiver, families will be mailed an affidavit they must sign, notarize and return along with a copy of their deed or bill of sale that supports their potential ownership of space at the cemetery.

Apply now

The deadline for submitting claims is Aug.15.

The compilation of a list of families who have possible claims on vacant burial sites is the latest step undertaken by TDCI to help resolve issues created at the cemetery by its former owners.

“Since being named receiver of the cemetery more than a year ago, TDCI has taken numerous actions to ensure the efficient and appropriate oversight of Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery,” said TDCI Deputy Commis-sioner Bill Giannini.

“Creating a list of families who have claims on grave spaces is the next crucial task that must be completed as part of this process.”

TDCI is also seeking court approval to add more than three acres of land to Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery as part of the cemetery’s possible expansion. Final paperwork for the acquisition should be completed this week.

“TDCI’s team continues to make strides in helping protect the future of families who have loved ones buried at Galilee Memorial Gardens,” Giannini said. “We thank the public and volunteers for their patience as we work on behalf of those affected in this situation. It is our great hope to eventually return the cemetery to a place that families can come and pay their respects and grieve in an environment that honors their memory with dignity.”

Further news about Galilee Memorial Gardens will be released as details become available.

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