Lakeland must move on to other issues

Letter to the editorThe Lakeland $50 million dollar bond referendum election is over.

The people have voted, and a 60 percent majority have spoke.

The 2015/2016 annual city budget is coming up shortly to be passed by the mayor and commissioners between now and June 1, 2015.

As a Lakeland former mayor, I respectfully suggest all Lakeland citizens write a letter to the Lakeland mayor, commissioners, school board commissioners and the superintendent, advising them that they were all elected or appointed to represent all the people in Lakeland, and in this United States of America the majority voters’ wishes are suppose to be honored by the elected officials.

Lakeland voters should not stand by and allow officials to continue spending tax dollars for middle or high schools that are not needed now or anytime soon, as the Town of Arlington has offered to continue to provide great schools and quality education for Lakeland children.

When Lakeland’s 60 percent majority spoke, a clear UNmistakable message was sent to Lakeland elected officials to stop borrowing money. To start maintaining roads and infrastructure. Change fire fees from a fee to a tax. Negotiate a 15-year agreement with the Town of Arlington. Immediately repeal the special 55-cent property tax. And pass a debt limit ordinance that will not allow bond debt in Lakeland’s future to exceed more than 10 percent of Lakeland’s annual city budgets.

Lakeland is small with a small population and a lack of sales-tax-producing businesses, and it cannot afford to be borrowing more than 10 percent of its annual budget; otherwise, Lakeland is headed to fiscal financial failure with the possibility of bankruptcy.

Jim Bomprezzi,
Lakeland, Tenn.

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