Tenn. ranks 23rd in March job growth analysis

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For March, Tennessee earned 23rd place in the Work Force Index(WFI) generated monthly by AIM and the Creighton University College of Business.

The state’s online job openings expanded by 0.2 percent in the first quarter of 2015.

Biggest percentage online gainers for the month were nursing and manufacturing jobs.

In absolute numbers, the greatest numbers of online job openings were in healthcare, followed by management, and next sales positions.

As a percent of employment, the largest numbers of online openings were insurance jobs, followed by customer services positions, and maintenance positions rounding out the top three.

Tennessee WFI: AIM’s March Work Force Index (WFI) rose to a solid 57.6 from 54.7 in February. The WFI is a statistically based measurement tool produced by AIM, a nonprofit organization based in Chattanooga. The index is a ratio of unique online job postings and the number of unemployed in Tennessee (not seasonally adjusted). The index ranges between 0 and 100. A WFI below 50.0 indicates short-term job contraction while an Index above 50.0 indicates online job gains.

Online Openings: In March, the largest number of online job openings in absolute numbers were in healthcare, followed by management positions and then sales positions.

As a share of employment, the largest number of job openings in descending order were insurance, customer services positions and information technology positions.

The occupations showing the greatest percentage improvements in online job openings from February were, in order, nursing positions, manufacturing jobs andmaintenance jobs.

The areas recording the largest percentage declines in online job openings from February were transportation jobs, distribution and delivery jobs and management positions.

WFI state ranking for March put Nebraska at number one, followed by Kansas, North Dakota, Delaware and Vermont. The state with the lowest WFI was West Virginia, followed by Maine, California, Alaska and Arkansas. Tennessee’s ranking weakened slightly from 22 to 23.

See more at aimforbrilliance.org/workforce-index/tennessee/march-2015/.