28.3% already voted on Lakeland’s $50M bond

battle of the ballotEven before polls open today, Lakeland already had 2,374 votes socked away as voters took advantage of the March 27-April 11 early voting privileges.

That’s 28.3 percent of the city’s 8,390 voters who registered in time to participate.

It may be a record high for early voting in a city election, Lakeland school board members speculated at the April 6 work session and April 13 board meeting.

Today’s voting will decide whether the city can issue a proposed $50 million general obligation bond to pay for the land, design and construction of Lakeland Prep, a combined middle/ high school.

The Shelby County Election Commission released the following statistics about early voting in this Lakeland issue:

  • Ages 18-24: 41 votes, or 1.7 percent
  • Ages 25-34: 129 votes, or 5.4 percent
  • Ages 35-44: 528 votes, or 22.2 percent
  • Ages 45-54: 569 votes, or 24 percent
  • Ages 55-64: 441 votes, or 18.6 percent
  • Ages 65 and older: 666 or 28.1 percent

Written by Carolyn Bahm, Express editor. Contact her at (901) 433-9138 or via email to bartlett.editor@journalinc.com.