Bartlett Police reports for March 23-April 5, 2015

Bartlett police badgeThe Bartlett Police Department (BPD) reported the following incidents for March 23-April 5.

Editor’s note: All suspects are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and values are estimated for stolen/damaged items. These are brief summaries of detailed BPD reports.

March 23

Stage Road (fraudulent prescription)

A pharmacy technician reported on March 23 that a thin black male driving a gold sedan dropped off a Xanax at the CVS Pharmacy (6670 Stage Road).

When the pharmacy tech attempted to verify the prescription, the doctor’s office identified it as a fraud. The prescription was for 90 Xanax bars at 2 mg each.

Officers were on hand when the suspect arrived. They arrested him and took him to the Bartlett Jail.

March 24

Memphis Arlington Road (theft)

A woman on the 6400 block of Memphis Arlington Road reported that someone stole Derrick Rose Adidas gray, red and black high-top shoes ($200) from her garage on March 24.

March 25

Brother Boulevard (theft from motor vehicle)

A man reported that he left his vehicle’s driver-side door unlocked at Brother Industries (7777 Brother Boulevard) on March 25, and someone stole several items.

Items stolen included a 15-inch Audiobahn subwoofer ($175), Rocksford Fosgate 1,000-watt amp ($250), two Michael Kors watches ($500), Ray Ban sunglasses ($120) and a Joshua Myles Dell laptop ($1,000).

March 26

Guillory Street (residential burglary)

A Guillory Street resident reported on March 26 that someone burglarized his home. He was gone from 10:40 a.m. until 12:15 p.m., when he returned and found his front door kicked in. Items stolen included an HP Pavilion laptop, a 32-inch Sony Bravia TV and a 50-inch Panasonic TV.

A neighbor said she saw a newer-model burgundy Honda Accord parked in the victim’s driveway.

March 27

U.S. 64 (burglary)

An officer responded to a business on the 7100 block of U.S. 64 about broken glass.

A worker had arrived at 6:30 a.m., turned off the alarm and began work. Another employee, who arrived at 7 a.m., saw gass on the floor at the West entrance and a tire iron on the table by the door.

Security video showed a suspect wearing gloves and a mask break the window, check the cash drawers and the safe before fleeing. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

March 28

Northampton Drive (theft)

A man said someone stole a toolbox from his open garage around 1:45 p.m. March 28.

He put the toolbox down and went inside briefly. He emerged when he heard his dog barking, and saw a dark two-door Honda sedan traveling west on Northampton.

His toolbox was gopne. It contained a Makita drill and driver set, various hand tools, a refrigeration gauge and an Amprobe meter ($1,590).

March 29

Bartlett Country Road (theft)

A resident on Bartlett Country road reported on March 29 that someone stole his 16-foot trailer ($5,000) from his backyard between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. that day.

The responding officer saw ruts from the yard into the street, where a muddy track headed toward Memphis-Arlington Road.

The trailer is a red aluminum early 2000s model with a white spare tire on the front. The trailer jack on the front of it is bent, and the trailer has four 15-inch Chevrolet factory aluminum rims.

Rabbit Chase Lane (theft)

A resident on Rabbit Chase Lane reported March 29 that someone stole his 10-foot trailer ($700) from his side yard.

The trailer is a 2013 black single-axle utility trailer.

The theft occurred between 11 a.m. March 28 and 6 p.m. March 29. The trailer’s vehicle identification number (VIN) was entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

Summer Avenue (business burglary)

An officer responded at 9:18 a.m. March 29 to a burglary report at Fastenal (6412 Summer Ave.). The complainant said he saw the front west corner window ($500) was broken when he arrived at 8:30 a.m.

The alarm went off at 3:45 a.m., showing motion in the rear of the business, the general manager said.

One or more suspects entered the business and disturbed the cash drawer and desk drawers, but nothing was taken.

March 31

Peyton Randolph Street (theft)

A resident on Peyton Randolph Street reported catching black male trying to steal food from his garage. The suspect was about 4 feet 11 inches tall and wore a white shirt, khaki pants and a red backpack.

The victim said he stepped into his garage around 5:15 p.m. and saw the man pulling a container of organic chocolate milk ($15) under his partially opened garage door. The suspect dropped the milk and ran east into the Bartlett Highland Condos from Old Brownsville.

Officers could not locate the suspect.

Ruffle Street (residential burglary)

A Ruffle Street resident reported on March 31 that some tools and yard equipment were missing from his garage, which he sometimes leaves open. He said the burglary must have happened between March 27 and March 29.

Items stolen included his Craftsman lawnmower ($200), Skil saw ($150) and Dewalt miter saw ($400).

April 1

Bright Star (aggravated burglary)

On April 1, a Bright Star resident reported that someone had stolen a Briggs and Stratton pressure washer ($350) from his garage between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. March 31 because it’s the only time he can remember leaving the garage open.

April 2

Shelby Street (theft)

Someone stole a bike left at a friend’s home on Shelby Street. The victim, a Gailyn Drive resident, left the 22-inch gray Redline Recon Bike at the friend’s house around Feb. 11, and it was gone when he returned about a week later.

Luther Road (theft)

A man reported on April 2 that someone stole his utility trailer and lawnmower from the backyard of his Luther Road residence sometime between 2 p.m. April 1 and 3:30 p.m. April 2.

The trailer was a black 6-foot by 10-foot utility trailer with a wood floor and a ramp/gate approximately 4 feet long.
The trailer has a black toolbox bolted on the outside of the trailer’s passenger side.

The trailer was parked in the yard behind the residence, approximately 250 feet off the road.

Canehill (burglary alarm)

Officers responded to an alarm on Canehill around 2 p.m. April 2. The back door was damaged as if it had been pried open and was ajar. The victim arrived and reported that nothing was missing from the residence.

Woodsman Lane (burglary in progress)

A neighbor spotted an unfamiliar vehicle suspiciously circling the neighborhood mid-day on April 2, so he kept an eye on them. The vehicle was a black older model (possibly a Honda Prelude/Accord) with a white male driver and a white female passenger).

He was approaching a residence where they had stopped when he saw the woman walk out of the garage with a green weed trimmer.

The witness yelled at her, “Hey, what are you doing?” and she tossed the trimmer int he trunk and bent the license plate up.

He said she looked to be in her 20s, wearing blue jeans and a blue-and-white striped shirt. The driver was a male of about the same age, with an unshaven face and wearing a ballcap.

April 4

Bristol Park Circle (theft)

A resident on Bristol park Circle at the Legends of Wolfchase reported that someone stole a handgun from her bedroom between March 30 and April 2.

The gun and case were the only items taken, and there was no evidence of forced entry into her apartment.

April 5

Stage Road (armed robbery)

A Game Stop employee (5985 Stage Road) that a black man robbed the store at gunpoint on April 5. The suspect fled in an older model black BMW, headed south through the parking lot toward Kroger.

The suspect was dressed in a gray hoodie sweatshirt with the hood pulled up on his head and blue jeans.

He also was wearing black gloves and a black face mask that covered the lower portion of his face, exposing only his eyes.