A new year, the same need

Letter to the editorSometimes it’s not what we want, but what we need. Here are a few things we need for our city.

We need more of our citizens to be engaged in how our city is being shaped and developed. We need more people to recognize areas for improvement and lend their time and talents. We need our younger group of leaders to continue to press for the next wave of ideas and service.

We need to love and care for others and work to make our community the absolute best we can. We need to embrace a defined vision for the future, and we should all encourage our friends and neighbors to be engaged in making it come to fruition.

We need you.

I hope your next thought is, “Okay, how?”

I would submit there are several ways to respond.

Respond in your neighborhood by joining a neighborhood watch program. Respond to your local school by helping with the school administration or The Bartlett Education Foundation. Respond for a cause by serving with a local organization like Youth Villages, Lifeblood, or Better Bartlett.

The bottom line is our city needs you and we need you to respond.

— Jason A. Sykes, Bartlett

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