Recycling program makes mulch out of holiday discards

Tree recycling program at the Agricenter.
Photo by John Collins

Now in its 16th year, the Shelby County recycling program for discarded holiday greenery is already welcoming piles of the county’s Christmas cast-offs at an Agricenter recycling center.

Christmas trees and other greenery (free of lights and decorations) can be dropped off near Showplace Arena at 105 South Germantown Road, anytime through Jan. 10.

Mulch made from the greenery will be available to citizens next spring and fall during Earth Day or America Recycles events.

“After the holidays, we find many of these items dumped along the roadsides,” said Tom Needham, Director of Shelby County Public Works.

John Charles Wilson, President of Agricenter International, commented, “We want citizens to take advantage of this free service. We’re proud to partner with the Shelby County Public Works Division to provide a place for the recycling center.”

The recycling initiative is part of Shelby County’s Sustainable Shelby plan, which focuses on ways to conserve energy and protect natural resources.

The initiative is funded by a litter removal grant from the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation.

For more information, contact Lisa Williams at the Shelby County Public Works Environmental Programs office at (901) 222-7770 or via email to