Signage, history blend in new Memphis book

"Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner"Memphis artist Rebecca Phillips and author Caitlin L. Horton have created a Memphis history book now available for purchase. “Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner” combines local art and offbeat history.

The book features 19 iconic Memphis signs that Phillips painted a few years ago as part of an art series. Horton wrote the book to tell the story behind these signs.

A few of these signs are landmarks, like the Lorraine Motel and Soulsville. Others are semi-famous in Memphis, like the Arcade Restaurant and B.B. King’s. Another one, Universal Life Insurance Company, had an important, but lesser known impact on the history of Memphis, civil rights and economic development. Most are signs for small businesses, either closed or going strong. And some of the signs, like Joe’s Liquor and Skateland, are local favorites.

Each chapter offers a glimpse into various slices of life across time and geography in Memphis.

Pre-orders are being accepted through Nov. 2 at, and the pre-ordered books will come with bonus artwork by Phillips.