Lakeland kicks off Canada Road/I-40 interchange project

Beginning this month, Lakeland’s Canada Road/I-40 Interchange Project has set an estimated $24 million budget and a timeline that stretches through spring 2017. The new interchange will have more capability to to handle traffic flow and is expected to boost development.

Lanes on I-40 will be built with two extra lanes at Canada Road, eventually expanding to six lanes to Tennessee 385.

The connector from Huff-n-Puff to Beverle Rivera will be part of Phase 1 of Canada Rd/I-40 project with a signal. This design is free flowing, more efficient and safe. All right lanes do not stop.

Plans are to complete the project in six phases:

  • Phase 1, summer through fall 2014: Construct I-40 median and areas west of Canada Road
  • Phase 2, winter 2014 through summer 2015: Construct western half of bridge and i-40 retaining walls
  • Phase 3, summer through fall 2015: Construct West Beverle Rivera Drive and areas west of Canada Road
  • Phase 4, winter 2015 through spring 2016: Construct temporary ramps and East Beverle Rivera Drive
  • Phase 5, spring through fall 2016: Construct eastern half of bridge and areas east of Canada Road
  • Phase 6, winter 2016 through spring 2017: Construct ramps east of Canada Road and complete I-40