Charity begins with kittens

Appling Middle School students in Bartlett cuddle and care for the kittens at the Bartlett Animal Shelter during a day of volunteer work.
The Bartlett Animal Shelter welcomed helping hands Saturday. In the front row, from left, are Hope McLeod, Gracie Thorn, Amber Franks, Hailee Ruhl and Erin Looker. In the back row, from left, are Alisha Kelly, Sierra Brawner and M`kiah Miller.
Photos by Kyle Whitfield
Appling Middle School student Kilw Kristen with one of the kittens fom the Bartlett Animal Shelter
Kilee Kristen

About 22 Appling Middle School cheerleaders were on a mission to tidy up and socialize the dogs and cats at the Bartlett Animal Shelter Saturday, July 12.

They cuddled kittens and petted dogs, but the project involved more than simply enjoying the animals. They helped with the shelter’s operations as they walked, brushed and bathed the animals and cleaned their living spaces.

Organizers said the point of the project was simply to give back to the community. For information on adopting animals or supporting the shelter, call (901) 385-6484.