Bartlett High alum pens first novel

crashedThough it’'s been 17 years since author William Cooper roamed the halls of Bartlett High School (class of 1997), he hasn’t forgotten the influence it had on his life, nor the influence of one particular English teacher, Coach Jim Steinbrecher.

Cooper grew up in Bartlett, joined the Navy, returned as a disabled veteran and later moved to a southern Utah farm with his family. But Bartlett and its educators still have a place in his heart.

"“I know I wasn't a great student,"” Cooper said. "“I was one of those students that Coach Steinbrecher and the rest of my teachers wished would have put in the effort to do better. I may have waited until after graduation, but I did put in the effort they always wanted to see.”"

In his first book, “Crashed: The Death of the Dollar,” he explores a fictional account of what American government’s reaction to a U.S. currency collapse would be: The dollar loses all its value, and the government nationalizes all supply chains to keep order. His novel personalizes the effects of such a collapse by following the life of a reclusive mountain rancher who comes out of his shell, finds love and a family and becomes part of the community after a gesture of kindness.

Cooper also said he is likely to write a sequel, but it’'s just part of his list of priorities.

"“I’'ve got a farm to run, and in spring through fall, that occupies all my time,"” he said. “"But I expect to be doing a lot of typing, come winter.”"

Crashed is available in paperback and in digital form at

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