Officer Azi takes her last bite out of crime

Officer Azi latches onto Lt. Todd Halford in a K9 demo.

K9 officer Azi makes her colleague, Lt. Todd Alford, appreciate the protective bite suit during demos.
Photos by Nate Hunter

Pouring rain didn’t deter Saturday’s K9 demo at Bartlett’s Quail Ridge.

K9 officer Azi, seen at the far right in mid-chomp, performed her final demo at the community event. She retires June 19 after seven years of service to the Bartlett Police Department and will be spending her golden years at home with K9 handler Tony Webb.

Lt. Todd Halford, who looks very glad to be in the hot but thick and protective “bite suit,” said Azi is a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois.

She, Halford and Webb were showing off her skills in stopping suspects in their tracks. Azi is a dual-purpose dog, trained for narcotic detection as well as apprehension, Halford said.

The demo was part of the Bartlett PD’s neighborhood social with property managers and residents, educating them on programs such as Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Academy and the VIPS program.

Halford described officer Azi’s K9 skills simply: “No one has outrun her yet.”

K9 handler Tony Webb will be taking K9 Officer Azi home for good as of June 19, when she retires from police service.

Bartlett Police Department K9 handler Tony Webb will be taking Officer Azi home for a well-deserved retirement later this month after seven years of helping officers detect drugs and catch suspects.

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