At a Glance for June 12, 2014

June 14: It’s a grand ol’ flag

U.S. flag

Photo source: Ray Dumas, via Some rights reserved.

Celebrate Flag Day this Saturday by flying the red, white and blue proudly. To read some tips on flag etiquette, go online to

Remember dads for Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday is more than just a flurry of cards, calls and colorful neckties. It’s a day set aside to thank and celebrate Dad. Did you know:

  • 72% of Americans plan to mark this day
  • Neckties are the most common gift
  • Roses are the official flower. Wear a red rose on your lapel if your dad is living or a white one if he’s deceased.



  • Tree trims: Someone is going door to door and posing as a Memphis, Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) employee. The scammer asks for money to trim trees, claiming that the utility no longer does the service for free. Contact MLGW if you have any question about their tree trimming practices.
  • GreenDot card: Bartlett residents are getting calls to buy a prepaid card and provide the authorization code. Bartlett police have heard 13 such complaints just since January. The lies told by scammers vary, but they include these tall tales: Wow, you’ve won the lottery. Oops, your power is getting cut off. Congrats, you’re a secret shopper. Or head’s up, there’s an arrest warrant out for you. Just make a payment today ... (and get scammed).

Solution: ALWAYS VERIFY with an original source (not your caller).