Missing money? Goodwill has it for you

Goodwill logoA little over two weeks ago, Goodwill employee Sandra Morales made a surprise discovery: a bundle of money stuffed into a Goodwill donation at the Stage Road location.

Workers at Goodwill donation centers and stores occasionally find surplus items in donations, but it’s usually trash or throw-away items. Morales — who celebrated her third-year anniversary with Goodwill May 2 — reported her find to her manager when she came upon the cash.

“I was going through clothing donations at my station like I do every morning, and I felt something in a pocket,” said Morales. “I opened the pocket and saw several one hundred dollar bills. I closed the pocket back and gave it to my store manager.”

Executive vice president Dave Leutwyler said, “We are proud to commend Sandra for stepping forward and reporting the money she found. We will be recognizing Sandra with a Goodwill Spirit Employee Award, along with a reward. Her actions show outstanding character, and she’s a great example for her co-workers and the community.”

Details about the discovery — including the exact amount of money or the type of clothing in which it was found — will not be released, to allow time for the rightful owner to come forward. The accidental donor will have 30 days from the May 7 announcement to contact Goodwill. If the money is not claimed in 30 days, it will be recorded as a donation to Memphis Goodwill. The owner can call the Goodwill corporate office at (901) 323-6221.