Bartlett pet show draws animal lovers to park

Bartlett Parks and Recreation Pet Show, May 3, 2014

Charlie is dressed in his most dapper outfit for his part in the pet show.
Photos by Nate Hunter

Fifty pets and an estimated 200 owners and onlookers flocked to W.J. Freeman Park on Saturday, May 3, for the Bartlett Parks and Recreation Pet Show. Pets included all sizes of dogs, as well as guinea pigs, roosters, geckos and a corn snake. Events began at 9 a.m. and continued until noon. There was a pet costume contest , followed by the regular competition that awarded first, second and third-place trophies. This year's show also featured additional awards recognizing each animal's special, individual features.

Pet show winners

Best of Show:
  • Chase (border collie) owned by Brayden McDaniel
Costume Contest:
  • First place: Maximus (papillon) as a fortune teller, owned by Heather Lampi
  • Second place: Sophie and Calvin (mixed breeds) as Dorothy and Scarecrow, owned by Barbara Roy
  • Third place: Gibs (bulldog) as a construction worker, owned by Christie Brown
Owner/Pet Look-Alike:
  • Sarah (yellow lab) with owner Amelia Lewter, both dressed as chefs
Large Dog Category:
  • First place: Chase (border collie), owned by Brayden McDaniel
  • Second place: Maverick (German shepherd), owned by David Coker
  • Third place: Gracie (short-haired pointer), owned by Susan Collins
Medium Dog Category:
  • First place: Delaney (Korean jindo), owned by Tiffany Bopp
  • Second place: Snowflake (King Charles cavalier), owned by Melanie Brown
  • Third place: Millie (border collie mix), owner by Jeff Walker
Small Dog Category:
  • First place: Joy (pomeranian), owned by Kenneth & Leslie Parks
  • Second place: Citra (mixed breed), owned by Kira Mars
  • Third place: Maximus (papillon), owned by Heather Lampi
Unique Awards for Dogs
  • Best Trick: Delaney (Korean jindo), owned by Tiffany Bopp
  • Unusual Marking: Foxy (pomeranian,) owned by Jill Luna
  • Prettiest Tail: Stan (mixed breed), owned by Ashley Duvall
  • Waggiest Tail: Eunise (mini schnauzer), owned by Alicia Little
  • Best Smile: Apache (shih tzu), owned by Enjelica Tran
  • Best Mixed Breed: Wynonna (beagle/terrier), owned by Nathan James
Other Pets
  • First place: Snicker (Seabright Old English rooster), owned by Lanie Wrenne
  • Second Place: Scarlet (corn snake), owned by Joslyn Dickerson
  • Third Place: Precious (guinea pig), owned by Vicki Duvall
Unique Awards for Other Pets
  • Most Unique: Albert (Buff or Pinton rooster), owned by Sophie Burke
  • Most Colorful: Scarlet (corn snake), owned by Joslyn Dickerson
  • Most Unique Markings: Tom (gecko), owned by Evan Michael

Editor's note: This version was corrected on May 9, 2014, to reflect the right photographer's name.

Pet show, Freeman Park in Bartlett, May 3, 2014

At left, Brayden McDaniel poses with Chase, the border collie who won Best in Show. At right, Cara McDaniel cuddles Lacey at the weekend's pet show.

Dog Cooper with Alexis Chunnel-WEB

Cooper is one stylin' pooch in his finest country duds. He and owner Alexis Chunnel took in the pet show at Freeman Park.