Back in Bartlett for April 24, 2014

2004 photo of Bartlett High School students doing warm-ups in Freeman Park before Bartlett Walk America"
Bartlett High School students lead warm-up exercises before Bartlett Walk America at Freeman Park. (April 2, 2004)

35 years ago: April 26, 1979

Bartlett City Park completing construction

Construction totaling $75,000 at Bartlett City Park is expected to be finished in about two months, an engineering firm spokesman said. Dean Thomas, park adviser employed by Gregory-Grace and Associates, said fencing around the park has been completed and construction is underway on the restroom facilities in the area. About $6,000 worth of shade and ornamental trees have been planted in the park, Thomas added, and a large piece of playground equipment of solid wood will be installed soon. The construction also includes new picnic tables, barbecue grills and trash containers. The two sets of restrooms are the most expensive items for the park. The facilities, which measure about 540 square feet each, are costing the city a total of $46,000.

20 years ago: April 28, 1994

Board lays out rules to city’s police chief

Conflict brewing within the Bartlett Police Department in recent months may have come to a head as specific directives were laid out to Chief Bob Paudert by Bartlett officials Monday. In a special meeting Monday afternoon, the Bartlett Board of Mayor and Aldermen gave Paudert guidelines for clearing up the unrest in the department. According to a written statement from the board, “over the last several months, problems have surfaced in the police department that have not been resolved in a timely or effective manner. In order for the Bartlett Police Department to be an effective department, these problems must be resolved as quickly as possible. These problems did not surface overnight and will not be resolved overnight.” According to Alderman Reggie Dilliard, the meeting was called to discuss the status of a lawsuit filed by 35 Bartlett police officers last year. The lawsuit was filed against the city for alleged violation of overtime regulations.

10 years ago: April 22, 2004

Bartlett steps out to prevent birth defects

Bartlett High School students Amanda Cieslukowski, Grace Carroll, Casey Beck, Libby Roberson, mascot Samantha Murphy, Lacy Terrell and Lindsey Hunt lead warm-up exercises to start the Bartlett Walk America event, which was held at Freeman Park on April 17. Tawny Marlow, fitness manager at the Bartlett Recreation Center, instructed the walkers how to stretch while “D.J. Bruce” Hardy of Hardy Boys Productions provided music for all those who were exercising. Michelle Danaher, community director for March of Dimes, said the walk is projected to raise $38,600 in Bartlett, “which is outstanding.” Attendance at the four-mile walk was estimated to be 250 participants.

1 year ago: April 24, 2013

AHS student is violin prodigy

Randall Goosby is your typical high school junior. He likes to play video games and often has friends over to shoot some hoops. Less typically, he has performed in front of thousands at some of the most renowned concert halls in America. Randall Goosby is a violin prodigy. The oldest of three from a white-collar family , he spends the bulk of his weekends in New York City studying under the tutelage of Israeli-American violin master Itzhak Perlman. Arlington High School assistant principal Chris Duncan desribed Goosby as humble and added, “He’s a normal student — with extraordinary talent.”