Rivercrest Elementary wins 9 foundation grants

Rivercrest Elementary teachers win grants from Bartlett Education Foundation.Rivercrest Elementary School teachers won most of the $10,403.88 in total grand money awarded this year by the Bartlett Educational Foundation. Their nine grants include:

  • Dianne Larson, for “National Geographic Traveling Map” (APEX, third through fifth grades)
  • Allyson McCoy for “Keeping our Hands on Math” and “Science For Kids” (fifth grade)
  • Brynn Hernandez and Cindy Davis for “Studies Weekly” (first grade)
  • Kate Singarella for “Operation Everyone Gets A Seat” (special education)
  • Laurie Wood for “Exercise Getting Fit the Olympic Way” (pre-kindergarten)
  • Mary Ann May for “Color Scheming with Weaving” (Pre-K through fifth grade)
  • Cathey Tant for “Teaching Through Text” (third grade)
  • Anissa Christian for “Family Nonfiction Literacy Bags” (third grade)

The foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Bartlett-area educational opportunities beyond what is funded in the regular school budgets.

Bartlett Educational Foundation also awarded grants to teachers at five other area schools.

Appling Middle School

  • Anne Faulks for “Reading and Listening” (seventh grade)
  • Amy Venckus for “Payaway Power” (sixth through eighth grades)

Bartlett High School

  • Julia Goodwin for “The Bartlett Pantheon” (11th-12th grades)
  • Rhonda Bailey for “Promethan 387 Board” (ninth through 11th grades)
  • Jennifer Baylock for “Literacy through Novel Studies” (ninth through 12th grades)
  • Dwight Dodd for “Acoustic Bass Guitar and Amp” (ninth through 12th grades)

Bolton High School

  • Dianne Young for “Storytelling with Moving Media” (ninth through 12th grades)

Bon Lin Middle School

  • Laura McManus for “Book Cook” (second grade)

Shawdowlawn Middle School

  • Dolly Staten and D. Walls for “Boys in PJs and Common Core” (seventh grade)
  • Anne Wroblewski and Dr. Ben Carson for “Gifted Hands” (seventh grade)