Bartlett Police reports for April 3, 2014

Busted in Bartlett

The Bartlett Police Department reported a total of 83 arrests over the week of March 24-30. This total includes misdemeanors and traffic arrests. All arrestees are considered to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Arrests are public information.

The Bartlett Police Department reported the following activities for the week of March 24-30, 2014:

March 24

  • Ardie Lane: Dispatched on March 24 to Bartlett Water Department on Ardie Lane regarding a vandalism complaint. The complainant said someone threw a rock that shattered a small window by the front door between noon on March 22 and noon on March 23.
  • Tickle Drive: Responded on March 24 to Tickle Drive on an auto burglary complaint. The victim said someone entered his unsecured minivan while it was parked in front of that location and stole $10 in coins, a $150 check, a yellow plastic container that contained three black powder loads, and a dark blue First America bank deposit bag containing receipts. The check was later cashed at an unknown bank location.
  • Barkley Cove: Responded on March 24 to Barkley Cove on a burglary complaint. The complainant said somone entered the residence by unknown means between Dec. 13 and March 14 ad stole approximately 11 pieces of jewelry. The estimated total loss is $2,000. The complainant said they travel frequently, and the neighbors know when they are gone. The matter is under investigation.

March 25

  • Deerfield Park: Made contact with complainant on March 25 at 3730 Appling on reported auto burglary. The complainant said someone entered his truck and took several things while it was in the parking lot at Deerfield Park, 6675 Deerfield. Items stolen included a brown wallet ($10), two First Tennessee debit cards, a Wells Fargo debit card and an Alabama driver’s license ($15) from inside the truck and two Stihl weed eaters ($1,250) and a Stihl hedge trimmer ($489) from the back of the truck. He said he must have left the doors unlocked because there was no vehicle damage. The complainant said he didn’t notice anything was missing until he started to buy gas this morning.

March 26

  • U.S. 64: Responded on March 26 to an auto burglary complaint submitted at police headquarters. The complainant said she went into the Shell gas station at 8140 U.S. 64 around noon on March 26 while her friend stayed at the car to pump gas. The friend heard the vehicle door open and saw a man enter the vehicle through the unlocked passenger side door and grab the victim’s purse. The friend ran around the car and grabbed the purse from the suspect, who jumped into a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee occupied by a black female in the passenger seat. The suspect was a black male about six feet tall, in his mid 20s, wearing a red hat, red-and-blue button-up shirt, and dark blue jeans. The friend took pictures of the suspects’ vehicle as they drove away.

March 27

  • North Sungate Drive: Responded on March 27 to North Sungate Drive regarding a reported bicycle theft. The complainant said someone stole her granddaughter’s pink and purple “Monster High” bike from in front of the residence two and a half weeks earlier. Around the same time, someone seemed to have tried burglarizing the residence. The complainant said the frame on the inside of the doorwas split the length of the frame, consistent with someone trying to kick in the front door.
  • Bristol Park: Responded around 7:05 p.m. on March 27 to Bristol Park regarding a vandalism complaint. A witness who was with the complainant said he was watching TV in the apartment when he heard multiple loud bangs on the door. He didn’t see anyone through the peephole, so he opened the door and saw his mother’s grill broken (estimated $40) and multiple dents in the door (estimated $200). He saw a suspect fleeing in a red Dodge pickup. The complainant said the suspect is her ex-boyfriend.

March 28

  • North Germantown Road: Responded around 9:36 a.m. on March 28 to Wolfchase Honda, 3020 N. Germantown Road, regarding a reported burglary. The service manager said someone stole a Hunter TCX50 tire changer ($7,000) from the service garage between 5 p.m. on March 27 and 8 a.m. on March 28. The front gate of the dealership had been left unlocked, and there were no signs of forced entry into the garage.
  • Bartlett Corporate: Responded at 5:15 p.m. on March 28 to an auto burglary/credit card fraud complaint submitted at police headquarters. The victim said that sometime between 5 a.m. March 24 and 5 p.m. March 26 someone stole his Chase credit card and Social Security card from his Pathfinder. He said the last time he used his credit card was March 22, and he didn’t notice it was missing until he tried to use it again on March 26. The victim works on Bartlett Corporate, and he said he believes a co-worker went into the breakroom, took his keys out of his jacket pocket, unlocked his vehicle in the parking lot, and stole his credit card and Social Security card. The victim said he always locks his vehicle and this is the only possible way it could have happened.

March 29

  • Heatherhill: Dispatched to Heatherhill around 11:52 a.m. on March 29 regarding a reported theft. The complainant said someone entered the detached garage in his backyard sometime between noon March 26 and noon March 28 and stole three gas-powered items: An orange Echo pole saw ($600), a black-gray-red 18” Craftsman chainsaw ($150), and a yellow 18” McCulloch chainsaw ($150). Entry was through an unlocked door on the east side of the garage.