Bon Lin Elementary names PTA honorees

Bon Lin Elementary's PTA honorees
Bob McNinch, at left, presented awards to PTA honorees at the Bon Lin Elementary School’s Founders’ Day Luncheon recently. Honorees included Laura McManus, Sherman Austin, Kasandra Berry, Karen Luellen and Lisa Barton.
Courtesy photo

Bon Lin Elementary recently announced national and state recipients of the PTA Life Achievement Award at the Shelby County Council PTA Founders’ Day Luncheon.

Art teacher Karen Luellen was selected for the National PTA Life Achievement Award, the highest honor given to PTA members and leaders. It recognizes a person who lives out his or her commitment to children on a daily basis and tirelessly advocates for children’s education, health, and well-being.

Luellen has been teaching in Shelby County for 18 years. The luncheon honored her with this statement, “She continuously supports the progression of art by inspiring students to use their imagination and creativity. She spends countless hours updating Artsonia and decorating the school hallways with the student’s artwork, affording all of her students the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments. Mrs. Luellen is an energetic volunteer who is involved with many activities such as helping students create sets for drama productions and judging artwork for various award competitions. She is truly an inspirational teacher who instills pride and self-esteem in her students.

Three other honorees were selected to receive the Tennessee PTA Life Achievement Award:

  • Laura McManus, second-grade teacher
  • Sherman Austin, GCA day porter
  • Lisa Barton, PTA room parent coordinator

The Tennessee PTA Life Achievement Award is given in recognition of faithful and unselfish service rendered on behalf of children and youth. It is one of the highest honors that a local unit or council can bestow upon a deserving person.

Bob McNinch, Bon Lin Elementary PTA president, presented the awards.