Best of the ’50s: Bon Lin principal gets birthday surprise

Bon Lin principal Kasandra Berry's birthday

Hep cats from Amy Carver’s first-grade class crowd around Bon Lin principal Kasandra Berry, who marked her 50th birthday with an entire costumed school.

Bon Lin Elementary principal Kasandra Berry got the birthday surprise of her life when the student body, faculty and staff donned 1950s attire to honor her 50th birthday on March 21.

During "Operation Birthday," she was called to the gym, where her Bon Lin family was gathered to surprise her as they sang "Happy Birthday."

Bartlett mayor Keith McDonald was on campus reading to a class, so he joined in the celebration. The principal told everyone that she had the most amazing birthday.

Bon Lin principal Kasandra Berry's birthday

Kindergartners are always down for a birthday party, and costumed fun in honor of Bon Lin principal Kasandra Berry was just their style for Jeanie Anderson's class.

Bon Lin principal Kasandra Berry's birthday

Kindergarten teachers at Bon Lin Elementary are no party-poopers when they celebrate, 1950s style. They donned poodle skirts or rolled-up jeans and white shirts in honor of principal Kasandra Berry's 50th birthday.

Celebrating Ms. Berry's birthday

In photo at left, principal Kasandra Berry (at left) and parent Debra Taylor are enjoying Berry's surprise 50th birthday party at Bon Lin Elementary School. In photo at right, Bon Lin Elementary student Cage Landsdown gave Berry the crown to wear at her school-wide celebration.