Ellendale honors young artists

Ellendale honors young artists.
Ellendale Elementary School’s rising young art students were recently honored at the opening night of the school’s annual art show at the Artistic Smiles Orthodontist Office in Cordova. The show featured 60 pieces of original student artwork representing kindergarten through fifth grade students. The artwork included drawings of musical instruments, paintings inspired by nature, artwork based on literature, and many other pieces of mixed media art. Ellendale administrators Dr. Bess Anne McKnight and Sylvia Rhodes and art teachers Amanda Tutor and Amanda Galbraith said they were proud of the students’ artistic achievements. One student, upon hearing that her work was going to be included in the show, exclaimed “I didn’t know I was that good of an artist!” A red carpet welcomed the artists and their families as they arrived. Each artist was photographed standing with his or her artwork.