Mid-South planners launch second phase of transportation study

Beginning in January, some Mid-South residents will receive a phone call or a postcard inviting them to participate in a region-wide transportation survey of households. By answering a few travel-related questions and keeping a one-day travel diary, participants will help regional transportation decision makers gain a better understanding of the travel patterns of residents getting around in their daily activities.

This effort is sponsored jointly by the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Mississippi and Tennessee Departments of Transportation (MDOT and TDOT). The survey is the second of four phases of the Mid-South Regional Travel Survey campaign.

Survey participation is easy, voluntary, and randomly selected by phone and by mail. All information collected is strictly confidential, and the data will not be used for anything other than this project.

Pragati Srivastava, Administrator of the Memphis MPO, said, “We are urging participation from all who are selected to join us in this effort because the information we have now is at least 15 years old. People’s needs have changed a lot during this timeframe. Their input is vital and will positively impact transportation decisions that will serve our communities now and in the future.”

This household study is part of the larger Mid-South Regional Travel Survey transportation study that not only includes drivers, but also will incorporate research on freight transport, transit riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists, ending in May 2014.

The transit research portion of this study, which included bus and trolley riders, was completed in Nov. 2013.

For more information about the survey, visit www.midsouthtravel.org. Learn more about the Memphis MPO’s ongoing efforts at memphismpo.org. Go to Resources > Projects > Travel Survey FAQs.