Back in Bartlett for Jan. 23, 2014

Bartlett lottery
Brenda Martin of Bartlett stopped at the 6127 Stage Road Mapco Express on Tuesday to purchase lottery tickets on the first day they were available to Tennessee residents. Manager Lucy Simmons said, at midnight, the store was full of people wanting lottery tickets. She also said the location already had considerably increased sales as a result of the ticket availability.
(Bartlett Express, Jan. 22, 2004, edition)

35 years ago

Teens give joy to local octogenarian

About all Joseph Thomas is able to do these days (Jan. 25, 1979) is feed peanuts to the squirrels in his backyard, patiently gaze out his front window, and watch for “his” children who come along twice each weekday. Bent with arthritis and 82 years old, Thomas is no longer able to carve out scraps of wood into intricately detailed wildlife sculptures, an activity that occupied much of his free time several years ago.

To him, there is a special attraction in the children who pass by his home at 2771 Elmore Park Road in the morning and afternoons. The children Thomas like to call his own are students at Bartlett High School, students who travel to and from school on Bus No. 12. It stops each day in front of Thomas’ home. For years now, the octogenarian, a World War I veteran, has waved to those bus students coming and going. And, for some time now, the students have waved back.

Many times the youngsters pile to the side of the bus facing Thomas’ home, pull down the bus windows, and greet the elderly man who sits gazing out his window awaiting their arrival. “Those kids are my company,” Thomas said.

20 years ago

Proposed light rail system may include Bartlett stops

Both Bartlett and Cordova could be in line for a commuter train service, according to the co-chairman of a Memphis City Council task force considering rail routes connecting Memphis suburbs and other Mid-South municipalities. (Jan. 26, 1994)

“We’re looking at possibly having a light rail system covering the area within a 30-mile radius of Memphis and that woUld service communities like MiLlington, Collierville and West Memphis, Ark.,” task force co-chairman Shep Wilburn said. “We think these communities would be part of the start-up route for the system, but our long-term expansion plans include a number of different rail corridors. A line out to Cordova is a distinct possibility, and one to Bartlett could also eventually be part of the route.”

10 years ago

Lottery tickets are a big draw in Bartlett

Lottery tickets have gone on sale after much anticipated and controversial journey to the checkout counter. Tickets went on sale Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 12:01 a.m. and have caused quite a stir in the Bartlett area.

“It was busy, very busy,” Lucy Simmons, manager of the Mapco Express at 6127 Stage, said. “We had two people on that register, two people on this register and I was in the middle trying to help out.”

Although the lottery has brought out mixed emotions from the community, the sale of tickets looks promising for the education funds the money has been earmarked for.

“We have just sold a bunch,” Simmons said. “I have sold probably not half but more than a fourth of what they sent me,” she added at around nine in the morning after tickets had only been on sale since midnight. “There were more people than I have ever seen in here before.”

1 year ago

Starfish Circus shows Shelby talent

Come one, come all to see amazing feats of acrobatic splendor, comical concoctions and phenomenal stunt performances! Cue the Starfish Circus, a traveling circus troupe that offers children and teens the chance to star in a live theatrical performance. The circus is composed of several performance artists who travel across the nation, casting students of all ages in their production and giving them the chance to learn fun stunts and routines. Through all the training, the children experience much more than circus performance art. They actually start gaining self confidence and squash negative “can’t do” attitudes.