Arlington town superintendent rejects Millington offer

Staff reports

Arlington town superintendent Ed Haley has changed his mind about accepting a new job Feb. 1 as Millington city manager.

The move, announced on Jan. 14, is officially off, according to a press statement by Arlington mayor Mike Wissman and the board of aldermen.

“After careful consideration, Mr. Haley has decided to reject the offer of employment from the City of Millington and fulfill the remainder of his contract with the Town of Arlington,” the statement read. “We feel Mr. Haley has led the Town in the path that is best for the citizens, their safety and well-being. Arlington has become a proud community of hardworking, caring families and he will continue to lead with a passion for Arlington. Join us as we welcome him to stay for the betterment of Arlington.”

Haley had planned to take over for Millington’s interim city manager Mike Chesney, who has served since August 2013. See the earlier announcement about the Millington move here.