Bartlett City Beautiful

Winners have been announced for the Bartlett City Beautiful Light Contest 2014. Photos were provided by Kenneth Parks.

First-place winner at 3240 Venson Drive in Bartlett.
First-place honors went to Collin and Annette Hickerson’s seasonal display
at 3420 Venson Dr., Bartlett.
Second-place winner at 3606 Patricia Ellen Drive in Bartlett.
Second-place honors went to Gary and Sheila Climer’s decorations
at 3606 Patricia Ellen Dr., Bartlett.
Third-place winner at 3680 Tiffany Oaks Lane in Bartlett.
Third-place honors went to James and Connie Lesley’s Christmas décor
at 3680 Tiffany Oaks Lane, Bartlett.
Civic Award for Tricie's Treasures' Christmas decorations.
Decorations at Tricie’s Treasures at 2900 Court Street in Bartlett earned Civic Pride honors.