Back in Bartlett for Jan. 2, 2014

BackInBartlett photo for 2Jan2014
Overlooking a tiny lake and bordering a new subdivision, the Pisgah Cemetery in Ellendale is the site of several historical monuments. Elizabeth Bartlett, wife of Gabriel, for whom the city of Bartlett was named in 1866, is buried at the gravesite pictured above.
35 years ago
Growing community retains rural air

When Barry Temple moved to Ellendale in 1932, the tiny crossroads town was no more than the proverbial “wide place in the road.”  By January 1979, Temple was astounded at recent years’ growth of the Ellendale community and said he saw no end to the sprouting new subdivisions and increasing commerce in the area.  Temple said he believed such prosperity was good, but he was concerned that Ellendale might completely lose its identity.

20 years ago
Bartlett’s ‘earthquake safe’ house nears completion

With new regulations aimed at making Tennessee homes safer in the event of earthquakes and other natural disasters about to go into effect in January 1994, Bartlett home builder Mark Hackett was ready to lead the way.

The area home builder had almost completed the construction of one home at the Bartlett Downs residential subdivision, which was built to the new seismic code requirements and his company was already at work on five more homes using the same specifications. ‘

“From now on, every house that we build will be under the 1994 seismic code,” Hackett said. “I’d say that the house at 3556 Thistle Valley (the first one constructed) is still about 75 percent complete.”

10 years ago
Neighbors, BFD help business recover

“With everything bad comes something good,” Danny Baker said a couple of weeks after the Dec. 14, 2003, fire at his business, Tony’s Pizza.  “It’s not the end of the world. It’s not a doom and gloom story.”

Baker and his business partner, David Featherston, said the fire showed them what great neighbors they have.  People brought food to the business while they work to reopen.

Neighbors started pitching in the night of the fire.  Featherston said some people in the neighborhood brought shop vacuums so they could clear water from the business immediately.

1 year ago
Walker charged with attempted murder

Bartlett police arrested Eric Walker on Dec. 24, 2012, on the charge of attempted murder, among other charges, after he allegedly fired multiple rounds from a handgun into a small crowd during a Christmas party.  This occurred in the northern area of the city.  No one was struck by the shots, and no injuries were observed. Walker is in custody on a $900,000 bond.